Legends – edited by Robert Silverberg

Published by Voyager Pages: 380 Goodreads Here we go, back to the books. I bought this book at the market in Cardiff. I had a little time to myself and instead of going straight back to the hotel I was wandering around looking for a shop where I could buy some magnesium sachets. I’d been […]

Only the Animals – Ceridwen Dovey

Only the Animals by Ceridwen Dovey Published by Penguin Group on 2014 Pages: 248 Goodreads The souls of ten animals caught up in human conflicts over the last century tell their astonishing stories of life and death. In a trench on the Western Front a cat recalls her owner Colette’s theatrical antics in Paris. In […]

Through my email

I get a lot of email about books, writing and publishing coming into my inbox. It’s always exciting and generally there’s too much to read so I tend to pick and choose depending on the headine. Yes, I’m just like anyone else and need a good headline but I object to clickbait. Today I have the good, the […]

Milk – Beverley Farmer

Milk – Beverley Farmer

Milk: Stories by Beverley Farmer Published by Penguin Books on July 2nd 1985 Pages: 178 Goodreads It’s another of those I-have-no-idea-how-this-got-on-my-TBR-pile books. I don’t recall hearing of Beverley Farmer before but I read it anyway as I love Australian books and I love short stories. These stories are all about love in various guises. There’s […]

FlashSpec Volume two edited by Neil Cladingboel

I bought this some time ago at a convention, it’s one of those really special tomes I’ve been saving, not for a rainy day, but for when I need a change. All I can say is that I should have read it earlier! It’s one of those books I got to mention in writing class today […]

Jonathan Strahan

If you’ve been paying attention you will have read my gushing review of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Vol 8 edited by Jonathan Strahan. I’m not certain gushing quite covers my feelings on this book. I was delighted when the editor agreed to answer a few questions for me. After reading […]

Mondayitis – The Queen

I am the Queen, you’ve read my story to your children and many of them have pretended to sleep for a year only to have the Prince wake them up. This is a different story but it still involves the dwarfs. The dwarfs were good to me, they looked after me even while I slept […]


Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Mazagine is pulp fiction at it’s best. It takes submissions from all sorts of people across Australia and New Zealand and only publishes the good ones. I got involved with ASIM within the first dozen or so issues and then managed to acquire most of the rest, they look really nice on […]

Borderlands Issue Ten

This is the book that caused so much consternation when I used it for Teaser Tuesday. It’s an anthology of Australian fantasy, science fiction and horror. This is the final issue and if it’s anything to go by the rest of them must have been absolutely fantastic. It is a selection of top notch short […]