Hi I'm Suzie Eisfelder, Book Reviewer and Writer. Suz's Space began in 2006 as a pre-loved bookstore and by 2009 I had moved away from selling pre-loved books and focused on my passion of writing and reading, hence Suz's Space became a place for me to share my book reviews with the world. It's fair to say I'm addicted to books and will read almost anything except for romance and chick lit, although I always make an exception for chocolate.

The site has evolved and is now syndicated and has become the "go to" place for book reviews.  Suz's Space is open for those that wan't to sit back with a cuppa and read some honest reviews. You can also submit your own books for review or make a suggestion of books you would like to see reviewed in the future. 

If you're wanting to stalk me then please do so politely either on the Facebook Fanpage or on Twitter.