Publishing, interviewing and what not

By the time you read this I’ll be hard at work being interviewed. What writing secrets they feel they’re going to get from me is beyond my comprehension. I’ve seen some of the questions and one of them has a non-answer while the other has a totally silly answer. You’ll see more when they put it on […]

Review page

Something I’ve been thinking about for some time is communicating to authors about how they should approach me (or other book bloggers) about reading their book. We’ve had much discussion on our Book Blogger page and so I’ve put fingers to keyboard with a bit of a rant. I’ve published it as a page so that it’s […]

Boxing Day Thoughts

It occurred to me that I was overworking myself. How do you know when you’ve overextended yourself and need to step back for a while? In my case it was because I did something stupid, I’m grateful the author called me out on it and I was able to apologise and take the article down. […]

Those were the days

I look back on the days when I had time to watch TV, time to sit and read a book, time to scroll down Facebook and Twitter for ages. You know, just time in general. On those days I’d often forget to write something for my blog because I was doing something usefulless and time got away […]

Welcome to the new style!

I’ve been promising this for some time and I finally bit the bullet, kicked the bucket on the test site and started all the changes in real life. There are more changes to come as I turn on more features i.e. figure out what lovely features are included. One fabulous new feature is automatically publishing […]

First World Problems

You know, I understand that many of my problems are first world problems, they’re not that important in the general scheme of things. I mean, it’s not as if I don’t have enough to eat and it’s not as if I need a safe place to live and I’ve talking about the wider context because the […]

I seem to be apologising a lot

So I’m at Uni and how I allocate my time has changed substantially, there are some things I find I just haven’t time for any more but it’s okay to cut down on TV watching, maybe not so okay to cut down my reading or cut out my writing but I’ll pick them up again […]

Affiliate Links etc

As you’ve probably noticed I’m trying to make some money online. I started around about the middle of August 2014 and I feel you need to know what’s happening, what I’m making and how so that you are informed when you click on a link. My aim in making money with all of this is to really […]

Friday Photos

For the first time in a very long time I have nothing for you for Friday Photos. My notes tell me this is number 121 in the Friday Photos regime which is well over two years. I’m very busy being busy without much time to go shopping or visit places or whatnot. So, what am I […]

That time of year

It’s that time of year when people expect an article about the past year and the year to come, I’m going to write some stream of consciousness before editing so here goes… This time last year I’d just come out and told you all how I was going to stop self-censoring my writing and just […]