Back after a break

Suzie Eisfelder

I’m sure you’ve all noticed I’ve not been blogging. I think I was hitting overwork and was struggling to find the motivation to write. My back was giving me pain and then it went from bad to worse. My physio put me on total bed rest, four weeks – and all the pain killers – later and I’m just starting to get up and onto my computer. Yes, I have ways of accessing my blog when I’m in bed, but I just found those methods to be less than satisfactory.

One thing I tried was voice recognition. If I lost the use of my fingers then I would make voice recognition work. I found that when I reviewed my writing some of it was unrecognisable, while some were word usage I wouldn’t normally use in writing. I tried twice to use some of it in this blog and the words just didn’t work when I read them back. Then there’s the punctuation. I have to vocalise all the punctuation, actually say the word ‘comma’ or ‘full stop’, it breaks the flow of writing. And when I change my mind while I’m speaking then I can have all the changes in front of me, very disconcerting.

The first week in bed I read and Facebooked. I don’t know how much Facebook I did but I read six books. After that the pain started to decrease a little and I started to branch out. I found a way to bring my laptop into play and have now binge watched a number of series on both ABC iView and SBS onDemand. I’m getting through my seventh book and have also read five magazines. As I’ll need to spend yet more time in bed I’m sure I’ll finish reading some of these series I’m in the middle of, and also binge more TV series. The photo is of the first six books I read. Some really good writing there.

As I’m not really allowed to sit at my computer for too long I won’t be writing too often, probably only once a week for the moment. I have so much to catch up on so I have to limit myself. Some of my meetings I’ve been able to take from bed while others I’ve had to give apologies until I was able to get to my desk.

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