New Year, New Something…

Suzie Eisfelder

I write this just prior to going to bed. I’m not planning on staying up to see the new year in, it’s not something I see relevant to me in 2018. I might regret this decision in 2019 but my body is telling me I’m tired and I’m going to listen…as soon as I’ve scribbled a few more words. I like to publish at least 150 words on whatever subject I’ve picked to talk about and 150 words sounds very short until you’re tired and want to stop. So why am I continuing to talk about nothing? I’m stubborn.

Anyway, as we head out of the old year I want to reflect on what I plan to achieve in 2019.

  1. I plan on getting through the Australian Discworld Convention. It will be the eighth Discworld Convention in Australia (I like to count the ‘little’ one in Adelaide in 2012) and the first one where I’ve been the head honcho.
  2. I then plan on somehow getting through Passover the following weekend. Following that I will be officially very tired and intend to have as many days doing nothing much as my uni schedule allows.
  3. My next plan is to finish uni. I’m currently studying over summer and that will leave me with one subject in order to complete my degree. After the convention I’m likely to have about six weeks worth of study. I’m confident I’ll pass.
  4. My plans then include a few more days doing nothing. I might watch some TV or see family but that’s about it.
  5. Then I need to head into the back bedroom and clean it up. I’ve been collecting a lot of potentially useful stuff for crafting or cosplay and I’m going to downsize that collection. I plan on keeping no more than 10% of it all. It will go to good homes and I’ve already started identifying which kinders will receive my largess.
  6. Once that is done I’ll get rid of the surplus furniture and buy the appropriate desk to ensure I can finally stop sitting at a tall person’s desk. I really want to focus on sitting in an ergonomic position, it’ll be much better for my body and might help me to not get RSI again. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is real and can cause many problems. I had it 30 years ago and when I type too much and too fast I feel the pain starting up. Sitting ergonomically will help to ease the pressure.
  7. With a room set up for my lack of height I will head back into writing the book I started in 2015. I need to fulfill the promise I made to so many people when I interviewed them and there will be no uni classes or assignments to distract me. I will have my writers group to help keep me accountable, they keep asking for stuff I’m writing.
  8. I also want to wrap up some short stories I’ve written and start submitting them for potential publication. I submitted something a week or so ago and am waiting on news so I can announce either a publication or a negative response. I’m excited they wanted to read it, I wasn’t expecting a positive response to my emailed request for Submission Guidelines.
  9. With the lack of uni and assignments I also plan on taking some time to sit and read. Even adding in a couple of hours a week will mean I’ll make proper inroads into my To Be Read Pile and might even be able to start looking at books sent to me for potential review. I’ve still got two I promised to read last July and several more requests have come in since then. If your email is one of those and I’ve not responded, all I can say is mea culpa.
  10. There is something about the number 10 when writing lists so I’m including two more things here rather than divide them up. I want to start experimenting with decorating cakes. I may not be very good but I intend to have fun and the family will enjoy eating the results. I also want to take up the cello again. It’s been a very long time since I last held a cello and the way I feel when I hear 2Cellos shows me I really need to try playing once more. Again, I may not be good but I’m going to try.

On that number I’m going to bid you all good night and hope the next year is good for you. Stay safe on the roads.

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