Monday morning…

Suzie Eisfelder

So it’s Monday and we’re back from our most recent overseas trip.

What? You didn’t notice? I’m glad about that.

I tend to tell people only if they need to know. I used to write a lot of articles and schedule them so that I could have a real holiday without worrying about my blog. That didn’t happen for two reasons: I didn’t get around to it, and there are issues with scheduling at the moment. I haven’t done the research to figure out why there is an issue with scheduling, all I know is that often the scheduling doesn’t work and when I look back days or weeks later I find the article is still sitting there in draft mode. Because I wanted to keep my writing up while I was away I didn’t worry about the lack of scheduling and instead made sure I published something every Monday. My brain hurt a lot due to the time zones.

As was typical of anywhere I go I took photos of book shops and libraries. It’s becoming a habit and my travelling companion has started to help me with it by actually taking me into libraries. I’ve had some wonderful interactions with people because of it.

You may want to know where we went. Maybe. The original reason for the trip was to attend a conference in Cleveland. This is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the conference people booked out the entire place for us for an evening. Just awesome.

We started in San Francisco. It was fabulous to take a cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz, we didn’t stop there as this boat just drove around it. We did a lot of walking on the first day which set the scene for the entire trip.

From there we flew to Toronto. We were determined to see Niagara Falls, even booking a cruise before we left home. This trip highlighted my need to replace my shoes. They’re the ones with steel toed caps and there’s a hole on the upper part. Standing on the boat under Niagara Falls I noticed my foot getting a slight wash as the water came through the hole.

And then to Cleveland. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is awesome!

Then to family in the Virginia/Baltimore area before a few days in Washington. Thanks to family I have been into the libraries there. You’ll get an article about each library. Washington is totally amazing, as I said after the last visit. We decided to see different things to last time which sort of makes sense.

After a few days in LA we flew home.

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