And another update

Suzie Eisfelder

One day I’ll get back to talking about books, but that day has not arrived yet. Two weeks ago I talked about having books to write about, that is still the case. The problem this time is covid. And, yes, it was me. I finally succumbed to that illness that has caused the world so many problems.

So many times in the past few months I’ve said I will have a week in bed to rest my body. That kept on being pushed back and back, until I confirmed covid. I took that opportunity to go to bed and rest. I’ve watched so many movies and other videos, but my back feels better. Today is the first day in over a week I’ve not been to bed during the day.

I wish to pay tribute to all the medical people, those who work in the lab and those who work on the coal face. I am one of the fortunate ones, one of those who didn’t get sick until after the labs had developed vaccinations and after the labs had developed antiviral medications.

Everyone knows someone who’s been affected by covid. Whether you’ve had it yourself, or a family member has been infected. So many people have died from the illness and so many are suffering from long-covid. There is a Jewish tradition which is echoed in many different cultures that a person is not dead while their name is still spoken. You can see this brought to life in Going Postal by Terry Pratchett. If you see #GNU with a name printed after it please take a moment to read that name out loud. It is someone not being forgotten.

Before you move on to something else I’d like you to take a moment to remember your family and friends who have had covid, whether they’ve recovered or not.

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