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Suzie Eisfelder

I know you’re here for the books, and I’ve really tried these last few months. Sadly, personal life has taken its toll me and I’ve missed writing the last two weeks. I have kept reading, thank heavens, it’s just the writing that has taken a back seat. Somehow I managed to get my hair cut two weeks ago, but that was the first time since some time last year…it was waaaay too long. I’ve got three parcels I need to open, I’m fairly sure they’re books. I’ve already told the authors I have their DNA, apparently that’s a bit weird. But the envelopes have been hand addressed. I just haven’t had the time or energy to open these parcels and gush.

Since getting my in laws into a nursing home I’ve been cleaning out their house. I’ve been taking my time with this task bearing my health in mind. It’s been an interesting journey and we’re into the home run. Should be down to bare walls soon.

Since my father-in-law passed just under two weeks ago it’s been even more of a challenge. What with the funeral, connecting with family and keeping an eye on those who need an extra bit of tlc has taken a lot of energy. Grief takes its time, some people take longer than others to be able to get back into life. I’m not sure that the hole made from losing a loved one ever actually grows over. My theory with grief is that we learn how to live with the hole, not that it ever grows over. And learning sometimes takes time. We’ll have sold the house long before some people have learned how to live with that hole.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to write my normal article about a book next week. If not next week then the following. Thank you all for being patient.

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