Deep breath – ten years!

Suzie Eisfelder

Hello and hello!

In all the fun and games to do with the Seventh Australian Discworld Convention a week and a half ago, followed by the upheaval of Passover I completely forgot to write for my blog. I shouldn’t have forgotten, Monday this week was the tenth anniversary of me starting my writing journey. I started with this blog on the 22nd April 2009 and didn’t manage to write for my tenth anniversary, but I’m repeating myself. The anniversary was only two days ago but I’ve been resting and doing tidying in my back bedroom, and more resting. It was only some time today I stopped and thought about the date.

What I’m really saying is that I overworked myself for the convention, not just on that weekend but for weeks beforehand. I was tired in both body and brain. I can see I’m starting to pick up again, the bags are disappearing from my eyes and now I must do stuff.

Having mentioned how long I’ve been writing I’m going to talk a little about the convention. It was a fabulous weekend. So many people, so much to do, so much merchandise sold. I should not mention the gold dice but they are very beautiful. I’ve no idea how they roll as I’ve not checked them against other 7a sided dice. Our reusable glass cups are almost sold out, contrary to the advice we’d been given. We’re putting in a second order for tshirts so if you want one you need to order very quickly. So many fantastic costumes. One lady dressed up as Mr Shine. She was a hit! And we had a Feegle! I do want to say we were the first Australian Discworld Convention to screen the fan movie Troll Bridge as directed by Daniel Knight. It is a fantastic little movie and I’m looking forward to the day I have my copy in my hands, there will be tears. There were many more highlights which I’m not going to talk about today, I still need a little distance.

My last topic for today is uni. I’ve only got four more classes to go, two assignments and five weeks. After that I’ll have finished my degree. I’m just going to be a little confused here. My dream of being at uni never included actually finishing and there’s some chance I’ll actually pass this subject which means I’ll have enough units to get my degree. It feels very strange to be this close. Having failed Year 11, then TAFE, then Year 12 many years ago it always feels strange to actually complete things. I know I’ve completed Year 12 but that was only recently. I’m going to work hard after this week and ensure I pass this last subject. It’s a mandatory subject so if I fail I’d have to repeat it, and while I don’t mind the experience of failing a subject I don’t want to repeat it.

That’s really all I wanted to say for today. I’m hoping to start writing on my blog more often. I’m thinking of Mondays and Thursdays, after the end of May I might add more days.

And to bed…

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