Toronto 2019

As you can see from the gallery we did some interesting things in Toronto. Not book shops or libraries for a change. We went to Toronto specially to be close to Niagara Falls. I’ll put some photos up on Instagram in due course. A friend posted on Facebook a couple of months before we left […]

Canberra 2018

We drove to Canberra earlier this year. As normal I don’t tell the world when we’re going away, it’s something you find out later. The reason was to view my Great Uncle’s Log Book from his time in WWII. He was a pilot and this book shows the time he spent training and then flying. […]


We snuck away for a couple of days of nothing much. I was planning on spending my entire two days reading, walking and watching rubbish on the TV. I took several books and magazines as I wanted to ensure I had choice, I shouldn’t have bothered. Reading was minimal, we spent a lot of time walking and […]

Uncorrected Proof

And you thought you’d seen the last of Port Fairy on this blog, ha! We went to two of the three bookshops (the other wasn’t open) and both op shops, my DD saw this book you see in the photo and passed it to me telling me I needed to read it. I’m not sure […]

Port Fairy – Tower Hill

One of the outings we did from Port Fairy was a short drive to Tower Hill. It’s the best place I’ve found to see Emus, they’re to be found all over the place and you have to be careful as they’ll try to pinch your lunch. There’s a trick to getting rid of them and […]

Port Fairy – Art and Craft

As I said the other day, Port Fairy has a vibrant artistic community. It runs the gamut from silk painting to canvas painting to photography to glass blowing to creature making. The photos I have here don’t even begin to cover a fraction of what I’ve mentioned. We’re totally fascinated by glass blowing and as they’re […]

Yass, NSW

An apology for not writing Friday photos last Friday but I went back to bed with a migraine. This is the very last article about my travels to and from Sydney for the Book Expo. My first stop on my way home was a place called Yass, it’s quite a big town with a really good […]

Barnawatha, Victoria

This is the second last travel article for my Book Expo travels this year, next week I’ll do Yass and then make the move back to books until my next travels. On my way to Sydney I stopped in Chiltern but on my way back I decided to stop somewhere else and Barnawatha was it. It’s […]

Gundagai, Victoria

Gundagai has become one of those iconic places, if you’re driving from Victoria to NSW or to Queensland (or the other way round) you’ll almost certainly stop at Gundagai. I actually stopped there twice, going to and from Sydney for the Book Expo 2015. Most people don’t go into the township instead stopping at the […]