Suzie Eisfelder
September 9, 2019

As you can see from the gallery we did some interesting things in Toronto. Not book shops or libraries for a change.

We went to Toronto specially to be close to Niagara Falls. I’ll put some photos up on Instagram in due course. A friend posted on Facebook a couple of months before we left asking for anyone in Toronto to please purchase her a book of the exhibition at the Textile Museum of Canada. I sent her a private message. I didn’t want the world to know we were going so we kept this between ourselves. The Textile Museum was less than ten minutes walking from our hotel, so fulfilling her request to buy a book was the easy part. I had to buy one for me as well!

Kathy had taken part in a worldwide craft project to stitch the Torah in tapestry format. She organised about twenty people in Australia and eventually they all sent their little parts to the organisers. Then came the checking and the stitching and finally it’s being displayed in Toronto. It’s a fabulous piece of craft work. If you can get to it then you should.

We also managed to attend the Bata Shoe Museum. I wasn’t so excited as shoes don’t mean much to me. I changed my mind fairly early into the exhibition as there were lots of shoes from so many Indigenous peoples world wide. I’ve chosen two pairs of shoes at random but the ones that fascinated me the most were those from the Inuit peoples.

We also took trips on trams etc but these were two of the highlights.

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