Stuff around the traps

A topic on my mind, it’s been there for some time, is how is it possible to find a new story when so many books have been written about a particular topic. So much has been written about The Holocaust and I thought all the stories must have been told by now. Reading through this […]

Fairy Tales

Things have changed but fairy tales used to be our first stories. The first stories we heard and then read. Here I briefly mention how they’ve morphed over time and how they used to be much more gory with the object lesson being easy enough to spot.  The Brothers Grimm changed them making them more palatable for people to […]

Stream of Consciousness

A couple of days ago I retweeted (and therefore shared on Facebook, yes, I’ve made that automatic) a competition, now closed. In this competition Amy spent a little time looking at her blogging over the last four years and being happy about the progress she’s made with her writing. She feels she’s less stream of consciousness […]

Reviewing Children’s books

I mentioned on Wednesday how I’ve learned the reason why I don’t review children’s books, I’m going to expand on that today and you’ll look at children’s picture books in a whole new light. Over Trimester 3, some people refer to it as the summer semester, I’ve been working on Literature for Children and Young Adults. The […]

Randomly Shelves or Something

On this day I really should be writing something about Carrie Fisher or Richard Adams, but my feelings are a bit raw at present. Instead I’m continuing on with my normal scheduled article and will revisit both of them at some later stage. It was not a good day to wake up. My brilliantly aptly […]

Children’s Literature

I’m taking two subjects in trimester three over summer. One is about media and I’m having to watch movies for homework, what a trial that is. The other is about children’s literature and it’s really opened my eyes. I’ve always said that children’s books are way too specialised for me and I’m now discovering how right I […]

Robin of Sherwood – Richard Carpenter

This book is the novelisation of the TV series, both written by the author of Catweazle, Richard Carpenter. If you haven’t seen or read Catweazle then you’re missing something fabulous. It’s a shame the same can’t be said about this book. Carpenter has included a couple of elements that I find not terribly believable because […]

W is for Edel Wignell

Edel Wignell, her name caught my eye and when I googled her story caught my brain. Read on MacDuff! Some little facts Her first name rhymes with medal. She lived on a sheep farm in northern Victoria when she was little. She was born in Echuca. It’s a lovely little town, my first memories are of […]

Tales of the Greek Heroes – Roger Lancelyn Green

I picked this up at a fete the other week. They were just packing up and books were $5 a bag so we filled a bag. I put in this, several other books and Twilight as I thought I needed it for uni, last night I find I might not be studying it so it now sits […]