Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
October 13, 2017

A topic on my mind, it’s been there for some time, is how is it possible to find a new story when so many books have been written about a particular topic. So much has been written about The Holocaust and I thought all the stories must have been told by now. Reading through this interview with Spanish author Antonio Iturbe made me change my mind entirely. It gives me heart that I might find stories to write about. Here’s an affiliate link in case you want to investigate buying it.

On the subject of heroes in the book world Malala Yousafzai is another one. She’s very inspirational and I would be honoured to meet her one day, probably not a wise idea as I’m sure my brain would disappear to a different dimension and my mouth would open up and spout rubbish. Anyway, she’s reframed her book I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban into a picture book to introduce her story to younger readers. Malala’s Magic Pencil has really beautiful illustrations. But she’s not just rewriting her story she’s also giving hints on how a young person can feel better when they’re in a dangerous situation or how they can do something about it. Here’s an affiliate link if you want to look at the illustrations or consider buying a book that would make a wonderful gift.

Only these two links today. It just makes sense.

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