Our Books Are Not Free – Facebook event

Something has come up so I’m digressing from the planned scheduled programme. You know those times when you see a book event on but you can’t make it. There might be many reasons you can’t make it. The event might be in the wrong hemisphere, in the wrong city, an awkward time of day/night for […]

Ursula Le Guin – Vale

I’ve written a lot about Ursula Le Guin over the years. What reason could there be to write again? To celebrate her writing in the wake of her death. Considering she died this week I think it only appropriate to start with a photo of the books of hers we happen to have on the […]

Oz Comic-Con 2017 – Melbourne

There was a change this year and I haven’t managed to put my finger on it. It wasn’t the cosplay, that was as amazing as ever but I took fewer photos. It may have been the selling type people, there did seem to be a few different items this year. There were more authory type […]

Around the Traps

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve looked at the book world like this so I’ve found some interesting articles for you. Rick Riordan Imprint Acquires First Three Titles I missed the news about a new imprint from Disney-Hyperion. Rick Riordan writes Percy Jackson but is now going to be running Rick Riordan Imprint. It […]

Through my email

I get a lot of email about books, writing and publishing coming into my inbox. It’s always exciting and generally there’s too much to read so I tend to pick and choose depending on the headine. Yes, I’m just like anyone else and need a good headline but I object to clickbait. Today I have the good, the […]

Another ebooktailer out of business

I wouldn’t normally write today but by the time I get to it on Friday the website will be gone and if you have books there/are an author there/are a publisher there and you haven’t heard then you’ll be very annoyed. Actually, you’ll be annoyed anyway but I’m putting this here anyway. All Romance eBooks are going out […]

The Sad Variety by Nicholas Blake

The things one finds on a quick search! Having tantalised you I’m going to talk about the book first before telling you what I’ve found. You can either be patient and read through or ignore it and skip to the bottom. The Book! This is a spy/kidnapping type story. Lucy, the eight-year-old daughter of Professor Wragby has been […]

F. Scott Fitzgerald and ebook pricing

What have these two topics got to do with each other? Not much in the general scheme of things but I’m going to talk about both of them anyway. F. Scott Fitzgerald Last night I found an article talking about a new release of Fitzgerald’s work. No, we don’t have a TARDIS, what they’ve done […]

George Orwell

You know what? I came across this article about George Orwell and how his name was really Eric Blair and how they’re building a statue to him outside BBC Headquarters and it made me think. While thinking I checked the catacombs and discovered while I’ve mentioned Orwell 13 times (some of these articles I’ve even […]

I want to give new authors a chance

I want to give new authors a chance, I really do but you’ve got to meet me halfway and have a decent book to give me. If there are too many problems I’m likely to spit the dummy and send you an email listing some of the problems I’ve noticed with a recommendation to get […]