Oz Comic-Con 2017 – Melbourne

Suzie Eisfelder

There was a change this year and I haven’t managed to put my finger on it. It wasn’t the cosplay, that was as amazing as ever but I took fewer photos. It may have been the selling type people, there did seem to be a few different items this year. There were more authory type people, those who just write and don’t illustrate as well. There were certainly a lot of illustrators, cartoonists, people who work with others or by themselves to create graphic novels or just plain artists. There were a lot of people with these types of skills last year as well, it’s really the main focus of Oz Comic-Con.

The change with me was in the number of photos I took and the panels I attended. When I review the photos on my camera I find far fewer cosplayers. I do see more videos, there are 18 and they are all interviews. When I put them on my blog I’ll be doing it over two Fridays in order to not overload people with too much at once; they will be all accessible on Youtube from some time today.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get any photos onto Instagram. I’ve been having trouble with my phone, heavy usage of the camera tends to crash the phone and the only thing that makes it work again is by taking out the battery. I can just see how this would work.

“I must have a photo of your cosplay!”

Takes photo. Phone crashes.

Someone else goes past with awesome cosplay while I’m removing the battery. By the time I’m ready I’ve missed several great cosplays. Even Optimus Prime could get lost in the crowd in that time frame and he’s head and shoulders above everyone else.

Essentially I decided to bypass all this nonsense and borrowed a camera. I need the photos to be on my phone in order to upload them to Instagram. I think I have a problem.

I also attended very few panels or talks. Only three this year: Sylvester McCoy; Bill Farmer and; Alyson Hannigan and Tom Lenk from Buffy. I did send out some tweets about these, you would have seen these on Facebook if you’re friends with me there.

I’m going to continue with scribbles about a book on Mondays and Randomly Shelving or Something on Wednesdays. Oz Comic-Con will take up Fridays until I’m finished and I’ll follow that with bookshop – I visited a Dymocks this week.

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