Suzie Eisfelder
September 9, 2016

What have these two topics got to do with each other? Not much in the general scheme of things but I’m going to talk about both of them anyway.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Last night I found an article talking about a new release of Fitzgerald’s work. No, we don’t have a TARDIS, what they’ve done is unearthed some of his writings that were never published as they were inappropriate for that time and they’re publishing them now. Coming out next year they should make interesting reading. I’m sure you all know about The Great Gatsby, it’s been reprinted on many occasions, been on the reading list for school and there are some great films made from it. It’s not a humorous book but he was apparently a funny writer and some of his comedy short stories will be in the book. I’m so looking forward to it.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

eBook Pricing

There’s this article, eBook pricing resembles three dimensional chess which made my eyes glaze over. It made me remember this video

At which point my brain seized up just thinking of having two Spocks talking to each other and a car driving itself and the pricing of ebooks. Amazon are doing some crazy pricing of books both virtual and real and it’s having some interesting results, if this goes on they’ll be rather disastrous. My suggestion is to buy local, haunt your local bookshop or Booktopia as they have much more normal pricing and won’t send your brain into a spin, not only that but the author will actually get some money.

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