Our Books Are Not Free – Facebook event

Suzie Eisfelder

Something has come up so I’m digressing from the planned scheduled programme.

You know those times when you see a book event on but you can’t make it. There might be many reasons you can’t make it. The event might be in the wrong hemisphere, in the wrong city, an awkward time of day/night for you. Or, you might have anxiety and not be able to leave the house. You might even feel you have nothing to wear.

Whatever your reason here is the book event you can attend. The only qualification you need is a Facebook account. It’s going to run for five days, 24 hours a day. There will be many, many authors all ready to talk to you about their books, or possibly books in general. I’ve no idea what they’ll talk about but they’ll be there waiting for you. Each author will be there for an hour, while a host or admin person will be there for six hours. 

Here is the place to find your next author so you can buy all their books and be stunned by their writing. Or be amazed by their imagination. Or just smug because you found them before all your friends. As you won’t see them in reality you won’t be able to get their autograph or shake their hand but you will be able to talk to them.

But, to the details. While the event is called Our Books Are Not Free it is a free event. You don’t have to dress up in anything special, although I have a problem. The event says you should wear your pajamas, I don’t have pajamas. Maybe I’ll clothes instead. I’ll definitely be rocking up for a little bit to see who I get to talk to. There will be authors from a number of different countries and it’ll be awesome. The anthology I’m reading has some amazing authors from so many different cultures, I’m wondering who I’m going to meet at this event. Why not join me at your time of choice?

Next week I hope to go back to my planned schedule.

  1. I’m sharing my books (and virtual tea) in my author spot on Monday 25th 10.30am (Adelaide time) – Sunday 24th at 8-9pm (New York time/FB event time). Would love you all to pop in for a chat.

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