Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2017 Interviews part 2

Suzie Eisfelder

This year I attended Oz Comic-Con with the view to getting more interviews. It took me three weeks to think of a question. It turned out to be suitable for both authors and artists alike so that’s what happened.

I’m always amazed at how hearable the interviews are despite me using really basic equipment. Yes, there is background noise but you can still hear the answer reasonably well. I have no speakers on my computer so I use headphones, maybe that’s the reason. I’m curious if other people have the same experience with my interviews.

Just so you know. I do wait until the interviewee is free and doesn’t have a queue of people waiting to speak to them. I also defer if they get a fan coming in, although once we start filming we keep going until we’ve finished.

I managed to interview 18 people. Some people never had a free moment so I never spoke to them. Others couldn’t think of an answer, I told them the question before turning on the camera, so they declined to be interviewed. Others just refused for whatever reason. I don’t try very hard to change their mind if they refuse. I’m dividing this up into two articles with nine interviews per article. The first listing was last Friday.

The question was ‘How do you know when a work is complete?’ I liked it much better giving them the question and giving them time to think about it so that’s what I’ll do from now on.

Justin Woolley

Gary Edwards

Shane W. Smith

Jason Franks

Josh Vann

Ashleigh Beevers

Andrew McIntosh

Jacinta Maree

Sam Ding

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