Potential attacks on my blog

This is an article I wrote some weeks ago. I’ve no idea why it didn’t publish. It was set to publish on the 20th May 2019 and didn’t publish. I feel it’s important enough to publish now. To answer my thought in the last paragraph, yes it has reduced…a lot. There are hazards to everything. […]

Welcome to the new style!

I’ve been promising this for some time and I finally bit the bullet, kicked the bucket on the test site and started all the changes in real life. There are more changes to come as I turn on more features i.e. figure out what lovely features are included. One fabulous new feature is automatically publishing […]

Update number whatever

Today I’m apologising. My webhost had a server problem last Thursday and when they got everything working again they restored everyone’s website back to their latest backup from Thursday. I was in the middle of doing a backup of my own as I don’t rely on my webhost, I’ve heard too many horror stories about people […]

Affiliate Marketing

Some of you have noticed I’ve added affiliate marketing into this blog. It’s interesting how I’ve come full circle from using this blog to support selling on this website to now selling books to support the blog. For those new to this story this is what happened. I started selling pre-loved books on eBay, 2006 I […]


My understanding of copyright on the web is that as soon as you publish something whether it be words or image it is then copyrighted and it’s then an offense to reuse it on your own blog. Some people are happy for you to reuse their works so long as you acknowledge them and put in […]

Updates, shmupdates…

There’s always the problem of what to write about. I do have a couple of books I’ve finished and I also have a movie we saw a couple of nights ago, and then I logged into the website and decided a little information and an update might possibly be in order. Website Security You have […]

Mondayitis Hyaitus

Welcome to another edition of Mondayitis, it’s not actually Mondayitis today as I’m having a little break from it today. I hope my reasons are good enough. Sharp eyed viewers will have noticed some changes in the categories on the right hand side. I’ve delisted all the books as they’re all leaving the premises. I […]

Forgot to tell you…

I’ve got a head like a sieve at the moment. I turn around to do something and completely forget to what I’m going to do, open up a web page and forget why I’m there. I went to cook potatoes the other day, 20 minutes later I figured I should check if they were burnt […]

Backs are important

Backs are sort of important, they’re the cornerstone of your whole body and when things go wrong with them then you’re in trouble. I have an uncomfortable relationship with my back and see the physio regularly for a tune up. Just wondering The last six months or so I’ve been wondering how much longer I’d […]

Yet more…

I’ve been talking recently about the problems I’ve had with the discount voucher and other things and how I just couldn’t seem to get them working. Thanks to a wonderful anonymous person in the community on my shopping cart plugin I’ve now got the important codes working and to celebrate you should be able to […]