Cooper’s Creek – adapted by Gail Holst

by Alan Moorehead, Gail Holst Published by Thomas Nelson Australia Pty Ltd This is a very abridged version of the Burke and Wills exploration story. Their goal was to go north from Melbourne to explore the country and find the Gulf of Carpentaria a distance of about 3,250 km. This was in 1860 when the middle of […]

My Brother Jack – George Johnston

by George Johnston I’ve been looking at a lot of iconic books today, this is just one of them. It’s the story of one Melbourne family’s travails through both World War I and World War II through the eyes of David Meredith. Written in 1964, photo I’ve put here has an image by Sidney Nolan, another […]

Tales of the Greek Heroes – Roger Lancelyn Green

I picked this up at a fete the other week. They were just packing up and books were $5 a bag so we filled a bag. I put in this, several other books and Twilight as I thought I needed it for uni, last night I find I might not be studying it so it now sits […]

Rabbi Jacob Danglow – John S Levi

Jacob Danglow was a long-serving Rabbi of St Kilda Hebrew Congregation. Tall, athletic and handsome many people found it hard to believe he was a rabbi. He was an inspirational man , ‘the Rolls Royce rabbi’ to his friends and ‘Anglo Danglow’ to his enemies. I read this book as part of my research into my synagogue. […]

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is the place of legend, Moses stood looking over Israel knowing he’d never get there. I know the story of the exodus from Egypt and I never quite understood why it took 40 years. Yes, they had a lot of people with them with the need to stop while babies were born or while people died or just […]

Digging, but only for a day

Today’s article is my first real article about my Israel trip. As with the rest of them it will be full of photos and I’ll try to explain them through my excitement. An archaelogical dig for a day! I can’t tell you how excited I was to actually get to a real dig and find myself […]

The Astor Theatre

Yesterday we visited The Astor Theatre in Windsor for what is likely to be the last time. We saw Lawrence of Arabia and while it was a fabulous movie, with stunning scenery and great acting it’s not what’s really important to me today. The Astor was first opened in April 1936. They did some absolutely beautiful […]

Farmer Boy – Laura Ingalls Wilder

When I was young I read a series of books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, reading a whole series back then wasn’t quite as easy for me as it is now. I had to either borrow from the library, track them down at a second hand book shop or hope someone would buy them for me […]

Mondayitis – David

My dearest Sophie, I can not thank you enough for taking in my David and being so good to him. If you had not shown him my photo and talked about when we were arrested he would never have found me. It has been many years since David and I were last together, I barely […]