Potential attacks on my blog

This is an article I wrote some weeks ago. I’ve no idea why it didn’t publish. It was set to publish on the 20th May 2019 and didn’t publish. I feel it’s important enough to publish now. To answer my thought in the last paragraph, yes it has reduced…a lot. There are hazards to everything. […]

New Year, New Something…

I write this just prior to going to bed. I’m not planning on staying up to see the new year in, it’s not something I see relevant to me in 2018. I might regret this decision in 2019 but my body is telling me I’m tired and I’m going to listen…as soon as I’ve scribbled […]

I am apologetic

This is yet another apology. I’m finding I’m swamped with work and not over-endowed with energy and time. I see a couple of options for ensuring I get all the important things done. One is to sleep less and the other is to drop my blog. I have considered dropping the blog altogether but the […]

Study update

A slight update on my studies and some advice from someone behind the keyhole. Last year I passed my VCE and this year I received a First Round Offer for university which I accepted with intense amounts of glee and nerves. I’m now back where I was wanting to be some years ago, I’ve always […]

Where to from here?

If you’ve been following my travails this year you’ll know I was studying two VCE subjects, it wasn’t with the aim of actually completing my VCE and not having to studying any year 12 subjects ever again as I didn’t do any research regarding whether they’d accept my previous results but with a totally different […]


Here we go, some acronyms for those collecting them. SAC is School Assessed Schoolwork, but you’ve seen me use it before. I had two of these yesterday, one in each subject and my brain is officially dead…the doctor will pronounce me when he gets round to it. I studied hard the whole long weekend and […]

Looking back

This is a time when many bloggers write about their year to summarise  how they’ve gone and the only one I can find quickly is Deb who’s done her favourite novels of 2014. I would have liked to have found a couple of lifestyle blogs and more book blogs but this is it for today. Funnily […]


Not Mondayitis, just Monday. It’s almost a whole week since I last wrote and I do promise to try and do better this week. I have a stack of books to review, I’ve read them and just need to scribble a few words about them. Now I’ve finished reading Bleak House I have more time […]

Update number whatever…

If you visit here frequently you might have noticed some days when I’ve missed blogging. I do try to write Monday to Friday but it has been rather challenging of late, what with the Third Australian Discworld Convention in Sydney and Passover I’ve had trouble finding the time to write. I have managed to locate […]