I am apologetic

Suzie Eisfelder

This is yet another apology. I’m finding I’m swamped with work and not over-endowed with energy and time. I see a couple of options for ensuring I get all the important things done. One is to sleep less and the other is to drop my blog.

I have considered dropping the blog altogether but the concern then is that I might not pick it up again. I know I’m coming up to my ninth anniversary in writing this blog and I feel sad when I think of not making my tenth anniversary, so I will continue writing but only when I have the time. I will endeavour to blog every week

One of my problems is my current uni timetable. In a couple of weeks things might improve as my timetable changes. I currently have a lecture on Tuesdays but this will drop after the Easter break. Then I have two hours on Wednesday with an 8am start, I find I don’t get much done when I get home on days when I’ve been up that early. With blogging on a Wednesday if I don’t have time to schedule anything on a Tuesday (and I’m often reading for a class) then it often doesn’t get written until the evening. Last night I was frantically trying to do the readings for my four hours of uni today.

I will reconsider my blogging every week and hopefully will be back to a regular schedule. I type this on the bus going to uni when I really should be doing some reading for class. I did all the short readings but not the long one.

Tomorrow my blog is all written for me, I just have to find what I’ve been given and set it in place. I’ve not had time to even look at what the author has given me so I hope there are no swear words that I need to censor.

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