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Suzie Eisfelder
June 9, 2016
eat first, talk later by Beth Yahp

Yahp has the sort of writing experience I’m jealous of. She lectures in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney, if she were in lecturing at Deakin in Burwood then she’d end up being one of my lecturers. I find that a bizarre thing that I’m writing about people who could potentially be teaching me.

Anyway, enough about me. Yahp is pretty amazing. Having migrated to Australia at some stage she’s gone on to do fabulous stuff. She took her parents on a trip following their honeymoon trail and got lots of information about her family as they travelled. She then published this in the book pictured (yes, I’ve linked to it so you can buy it and make me smidgeons of money). Just have a look at the image for a moment. I love the montage of sepia photos of her parents, of the city overlaid by the bright red hibiscus flower.

One thing I admire about Yahp is a club she started in Sydney. Called the Memoir Club they get together to talk about writing memoirs. Founded in March 2013 so it’s currently three, they meet in Randwick on the last Tuesday of every month.

One thing I found in going back to the beginning of her blog is that she was a writer/tutor on some writing workshops in Nepal. It seems you could travel to Nepal to view the country and also be taught writing by Yahp. Wow! What a trip that would be.

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