Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
June 2, 2016

I’m stretching a point here as I really can’t find a female Australian author with a surname beginning with X. I’ve tried and friends have tried and Xanthé is the best we can come up with. And just to push the point I’m breaking my unwritten rule of using the surname as reference.

Xanthé is a forensic anthropologist currently working at the University of New England in Armidale. I guess that makes her Australian despite being born in Scotland. She’s got a pretty interesting job and has helped police break a paedophile ring in Scotland. She did this by comparing pictures of hands between offenders and suspects, minute details could make the difference between jail or freedom and she had this under her control.

As I type I’m listening to an interview and I find her accent is far more Australian than Scottish. I was expecting something more like Peter Capaldi or David Tennant but on the whole she sounds Australian.

Her book looks absolutely fascinating, you’ll find a link to it in the photo. We expect mothers to be nurturing but sometimes we’re pushed to the limit and you can’t go further than murder.

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