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Suzie Eisfelder
September 23, 2016
The Cube @ Deakin, Burwood
The Cube @ Deakin, Burwood

It’s the pointy end of the trimester, I’ve one week of classes left and then all assignments must be in the following week. One of my four assignments is almost done while the others are in moderate stages of research and just beginning. The due date for the last one is the 9th October. Just one minor problem, I’ve been asked to speak on a panel at the Book Blogger Conference on that same date. For some reason they think I know stuff. All assignments for uni, and articles for this blog for the week beginning 10th October must be finished by the 6th. Why the 6th? I’m driving up to Sydney on the 7th, I want to get some sleep before the Book Expo starts on the 8th. And then drive back to Melbourne on the 10th just in time for religious type stuff starting the evening of the 11th.

There’s no pressure.

Let me explain some things a little more. I’ve put in so much information up there it must be really confusing.

Starting with the Book Expo. I went last year and had a ball. It was a fabulous two days. I met lots of lovely authors, a lady from Jordan who supports people in publishing their books, in fact, lots of support personnel for people publishing their books. One lady designs book covers! There were side events including a Book Blogger Conference which I managed to miss.

This year the people organising the Book Expo weekend think I know stuff and I was invited to speak on a panel about blogging. I’m equal parts excited and nervous. If you look at the Bloggers Conference page you’ll see a list of panels and speakers. Some of my fellow bloggers do totally awesome work and I’m excited to meet them.

I’m hoping some of the people I met last year will be there. I’ll be more prepared than last year. I’m planning on taking photos for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And interviews of as many people as will let me for uploading on Youtube. Unlike OzComicCon I’m planning on uploading the photos as I take them tagging the person while I speak to them. The videos will have to wait until the following weekend as time isn’t on my side until then.


Four assignments

I’ve almost finished the creative writing piece for Writing Spaces. A few of us have created a Writer’s Group, we’ve been meeting weekly and sharing our work. They’re happy with what I’ve done, although there’s room for improvement. I’m learning so much from them, they have such good writing skills.

The assessment for Genre is on Fahrenheit 451 and Bitch Planet. I’ve done most of the research and intend to have finished the outline tomorrow so I can sit down and do the actual writing. The teacher is assisting my waistline by bringing lollies to share every two weeks.

Actually, there’s another for Genre which I haven’t even started and one for Creativity I need to look at. I’m finding the subject Creativity and Dangerous Ideas to be rather nebulous. It’s hard to actually define creativity, and to have to choose from each of the four domains: a creative person; product; place and; process is challenging. I think I’ll need to revisit this topic, it needs its own article, but not now.

Then, when I get back I’ll have one night’s sleep before starting to prepare for breaking the fast after Yom Kippur. It’s the Day of Atonement and fasting happens from the night before all the way through until after dark. It’s 25 hours and the first time I’ll have time to write any articles for the blog will be Friday 14th October. Before I go to sleep on the 6th October I need to have written and scheduled three articles so they publish themselves on the correct day and time. You knew there was a good reason I wouldn’t have time to put the videos on Youtube until the weekend after the Book Expo, didn’t you.

Anyway, I’ll get there. I have no choice.

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