Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
March 19, 2014

I cringe and get thoroughly annoyed whenever someone calls me a Typo Nazi or a Grammar Nazi, I do not feel I am in any way as nasty, horrible and all encompassing as anything the Nazis did. Yes, it’s true, I might upset someone briefly and sometimes they’ll be annoyed or worried for a while longer but I don’t haunt them over it for weeks, months or even take their lives and their family’s lives. Or even destroy their artworks or livelihoods.

Read this article all the way to the end and then come back.

You’ve read it? Good, now keep those images of those children in your mind. I understand this is a very American centric article but we seem to find ourselves copying America in far too many ways and with the number of memes I’ve seen going around the traps with the word Nazi in them but not in relation to the Holocaust I feel we’re copying them again in this regard. And, I feel it is totally unnecessary and wrong.

There are far worse things in the world than those like me who pounce on typos and grammar problems.

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