Suzie Eisfelder
March 16, 2012
TruckDogs by Graeme Base
Introducing Sparky - a cross between a Jack Russell and a Ute

Graeme Base is best known for his books that transcend the generations, they are very artistically and beautifully drawn masterpieces with just enough words for reading. He was born in England and moved here when he was eight, I think we’ll keep him. I picked up TruckDogs as I was curious about his writing, there isn’t a lot of text in his most famous books, Animalia and The Eleventh Hour.

I loved this book. It’s a great little story with a moral to it. The description goes like this:

In a far-off desert world remarkably similar to outback Australia, evolution has taken an unexpected turn. The dominant life form is a creature covered in fur but with living steel panels beneath. It gnaws on bones and sniffs lampposts but fills up on oil, brake fluid and petrol. And it’s wonerfully clever with its wheels and wing mirrors – able to do just about anything, in fact – which is lucky since it hasn’t got any arms or legs.

It’s an animal with an engine. Or is it a car with floppy ears and a wet nose?

This is the world of TruckDogs.

To me this book felt like the first of many. It has wonderful characters, a lovely little town and TruckDogs moving between this town and other far-flung places. It’s just the book to spark the imagination of a young person of whatever age. Base has matched the story with some lovely drawings and specifications of the TruckDogs so you get a really good idea of what they look like and how they’re likely to act.

You could be the proud owner of this book. Make a comment on this review anytime between now when I go to bed on Saturday 31st March. Your comment could be words or it could be a drawing delegated to your young person. If it’s a drawing I suggest you host it on Photobucket or similar and just give me the url. I will put all entries into the back of a truck, if I can find one, or failing that I’ll use a hat and get someone to pull one out at random. This competition is restricted to Australian residents only.

Just so you know, this book is pre-loved, the book itself has almost no wear but the dustjacket shows some crumpling.

Maybe I could get my Mum’s cat to choose the winner, he is very clever.

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