The Whale’s Tale – Edwina Harvey

Suzie Eisfelder

This is one of those books that fired my imagination. It is the sort of book that takes you by the coat tails, drags them through your brain and says ‘make a movie out of me’. I’m hoping this actually happens as it’s the sort of story that really needs to get out there.

Essentially, the book takes what you know about whales and turns that little bit of information into a piece of wet cloth then wrings it out and continues the process until you start thinking they may possibly be smarter than we think. There is the odd issue I have with it, but I’m sure a movie will figure some way round some of these glitches. In this book Targe, the whale, is into IT and is very good with what he does. I haven’t quite figured out how he works a keyboard or mouse. Like I said, little glitches.

It’s nicely written and I’m proud to have actually met the author. I loved how Harvey has imagined a space ship specially for a whale and a dolphin but with the ability to have humans come on board too. And Whalesong! I’d love to hear that, it’d be such a wonderful thing.

Yes, I recommend it. It’s a lovely little book about redemption and about how we should stop being so up ourselves and realise there are other animals on this world. And that these animals have a right to a life of peace and a life on a world that has not been destroyed. And so you can buy it direct from the author, here’s a link minus affiliate type stuff, I get nothing for sending you to her. The book is well worth it.

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