Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
March 6, 2017
The Murder Game – Joan Flanagan

The premise of this book is interesting. You’ve got a rather demented host, both he and his family enjoy playing practical jokes on each other and their guests. This has been going on since the year dot and when host Bart decides to host a murder weekend it could be a recipe for disaster or a recipe for covering up any old murders that might just happen during the weekend.

While reading it many things went through my mind, including how many murders would actually be committed and how many of them would be real. It turns out that old houses have many secrets and lend themselves to this kind of event beautifully.

This is a madcap book. The tradies are still renovating the building when the weekend starts and all the guests are there. They down tools on several occasions and none of those are to ensure the safety of the guests. I won’t add in anything about the maze and about guests getting lost in the maze. Nor will I mention the absolutely heavy storm that just happens to cut the phone line when someone decides it’s time to ring the Police, nor the roads being blocked, or in fact anything of that nature.

What I will mention is that the protagonist seems to have poor taste in men. At the beginning of the book her boyfriend is Connor, a man who seems to be rather flighty and leaves his stuff all over town, wherever he happened to be living at the time. By the end of the book she finds herself attracting an entirely different man, one I’m not sure is much better than the first.

A nicely written book, I’ve not marked anything in particular to bring to your attention. If you’re into this sort of book then I heartily recommend it. If you like eclectic characters and big, old houses with character then this is the book for you.

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