The Illusioneer & Other Tales By Karen J. Carlisle

Suzie Eisfelder

Carlisle is a talented author, but what I really liked about her books was her research. That is until I read this book. This is the book that converted me to loving her writing.

This is an anthology, a collection of short stories about Viola Stewart. There is a bonus at the end, a chapter from The Department of Curiosities. I made the mistake of reading this chapter, and then not picking up The Department of Curiosities as my next book. Actually, that’s two mistakes.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Illusioneer and am happy to have increased my Patreon to Carlisle as it means she sends me more books she’s written. I found magic in this pages, not just the magic practiced by magicians, but also the steampunk magic woven by Carlisle. People have appendages added to their bodies in substitute for their missing limbs, I love how they work and how we are shown that they are working. Of course, just when I need an example I can’t find one. I risked slipping back into the words and not emerging until tomorrow so I’ve closed it and can only write from memory.

There’s a piece of magician type of magic in this which Viola Stewart manages to replicate. It’s a clever piece of magic and I’m not going to try and figure it out, I’m sure I’d die trying. But, this is fiction and Viola Stewart is much brighter than me and so the story continues.

These few stories introduces us to the Department of Curiosities. It is dedicated to bringing steampunk to heel. It’s a department I’d really love to join. To have the chance to play with some of these devices would be such fun.

I feel I’m repeating myself this time, but I also loved the byplay between the staff member from the Department and Viola Stewart. I’m positive I can see some of these scenes on my TV screen, it’s as if Carlisle has ambitions of having some of these become films.

You can support Carlisle by sending her money each month on Patreon, or by buying her books. You can go straight to Booktopia for The Illusioneer & Other Tales. Buying through this link will also give me a small commission. Thank you to those people who have clicked on a link this week, you make me happy.

  1. Thank you for the review. By the way, you're not the first to suggest they'd like to see Viola adventures as on the screen… I wouldn't be adverse to it. 😉

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