The Dalziel Files – Brian Craddock

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One of the reasons I love going to conventions such as Continuum is because you can browse the stalls and talk to authors directly. I try to still my inner fangirl and talk as if I’m not freaking out by talking to an author…sometimes this works. Wandering the stalls at Continuum this year I was able to quiz the authors on the romance in their books. Brian Craddock assured me there was none so I bought. I’ve bought books I’ve regretted but this book is in the ‘not regretted buying’ camp.

What’s to love about this book?

An Australian author, for one. We have some absolutely fabulous talent in this country and this books helps to illustrate that point.

Well written horror, for another. It’s not quite as good as my friend, Susan May, but then she is a better author than Steven King. Having said that this book is good. I’d definitely recommend it for a Christmas stocking, or any other time for that matter.

Essentially, we have a photographer who becomes famous due to a photo he took of a haunting young slave girl. This continues to haunt him and we see his travels and stories of places around the world as he searches for this girl again.

The creatures are enough to give you nightmares, people (or ghosts) who are both lovely and haunting at the same time. If I mention that vampires can have feet that walk backwards you might freak out a little. Then again, you might be really laid back and not care.

Then there are words that would make the average person sit up and go what? Just flicking through the book again I come across the word ‘macher’. Some of you know it’s yiddish and therefore will know it’s talking about someone who is important, others will have to look it up. And that’s the beauty of books like this, you never know what new word you’ll find.

What I didn’t like about this book was the resolution. I’m beginning to find resolutions that are full and complete unsatisfying. The last story lead the reader through carefully to the resolution, step-by-step we are brought there. When we’re there I’m wishing something else had happened, it just felt odd to me. Others will like it, but I’m odd.

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