I do enjoy a good murder mystery and I’m rather fond of cats. Not so fond of siamese cats as they tend to be rather more demanding than tabbies but as I’m not the one looking after these cats I’m happy. Don’t ask me why I’m talking about looking after fictitious cats, I’m putting it down to a weekend at Supanova and a lack of brains due to exhaustion.

This book is set in the antiques trade. It gives some insight into one area of the trade within just one small area in the United States. Many people have the idea that because you’re trading in antiques that you’re going to rather well-off, this does amend that in some cases. I loved reading about it and I loved hearing that the cats are that smart that they can show clues to a murder mystery. I’m sure most of it is in the mind of the protagonist (and, therefore the author) but it’s nice to think that cats can understand this much stuff.

I’ve written about books in this series before. They’re light but solid and I have enjoyed each one of them. If you happened to want to buy this one you can do so here¬†using this affiliate link. Clicking through makes me very excited, I just checked my clicks and I’ve had nine this year! I almost had a dance in my chair.

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