Suzie Eisfelder
March 14, 2016
Going Postal by Terry Pratchett
Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

It was inevitable you’d get some Terry Pratchett thoughts today, Saturday was the first anniversary of his death and we have all been very sad. The Victorian Discworld Klatch community commemorated the day with a few craft activities in Treasury Gardens on Saturday, it was a quiet time but we all enjoyed it and just reminisced as one does on such occasions.

This article is not an exposé of the plot nor some thoughts about the book pictured as I’ve already done that back in November last year but more of a few random thoughts before I take the book off my desk and put it away.

If you look at the photo I’ve included here you’ll see the gold clothes that were made for him. I managed to pick up a goldish suit at the op shop one day, not quite bright enough but good enough for the present. My DD made me a hat which was meant to be just for one day but has become iconic and I’m currently planning the boots. For at least one day I’ll be totally decked out in gold, oo-er.

The Klatch is going well, every month we have some sort of function and they’re getting to be well attended. I took the opportunity to bring out some things and attempt some chain maille. We’ve proved it possible but we need some more appropriate metal links, possibly even making our own, we also need more equipment and to encourage people to bring their own equipment to ensure more than one person can make chain maille at any one time.

Pratchett books succeed in calming me down and therefore lowering my blood pressure, I should recommend them to my doctor.

I have a lot of Pratchett books and one day I’ll actually sit down to reread his first book The Carpet People twice. Once to read how he first wrote it when he was 17 and once to read how he rewrote it when he was 43, much older and more practiced at writing. It could be a useful exercise for any hopeful author to see the changes. I’ll share my thoughts, promise.

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