Suzie Eisfelder
May 9, 2016
Tales of the Greek Heroes by Roger Lancelyn Green
Tales of the Greek Heroes by Roger Lancelyn Green

I picked this up at a fete the other week. They were just packing up and books were $5 a bag so we filled a bag. I put in this, several other books and Twilight as I thought I needed it for uni, last night I find I might not be studying it so it now sits on my shelf languishing. This book, on the other hand I was drawn towards a few days ago and so I read it at pace.

It’s basically what the title says. It’s a nice little book of Greek Heroes and Gods, lots of Heracles with a little about Jason and Medea, some Zeus and other Gods.

Aimed more at the younger age group I found it a very easy read. Some of the more gory bits have been omitted but what I liked about it is how it’s reasonably well strung together, there’s a good narrative and the author tells us this was the first time this has been done in English. First published in 1958 it has a companion book which I’m picturing below just because I found it on my computer.

Tale of Troy Roger Lancelyn Green

One thing that struck me was pronunciation. I know, that comes totally out of left field, but it did for me too. I looked at various names and just wondered if I was pronouncing them correctly. As it turns out I’m not, I asked my hairdresser and she corrected my pronunciation of Prometheus but we ran out of time for any more. I will find out more one day…

I’ve linked to a newer copy of Tales of the Greek Heroes in the photo for you. It doesn’t have my nice front cover but being new the back cover is still attached, unlike mine. I didn’t check but it might also contain The Tale of Troy.

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