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Suzie Eisfelder
December 16, 2015
Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts by Janet DeLee

Everyone has dreams, mine include being totally organised and publishing book reviews at the appropriate time, this time it’s just a dream. Here’s a few words about a book I should have reviewed months ago.

Dreams aren’t just for the young, and Ginny Lawther is happy to prove that even at the age of fifty-eight she can still brave a leap of faith she just needs a little prodding from like-minded individuals. Step one: place an ad in the local newspaper inviting other dreamers to form an Ideal Life Club. Step two: see if anyone shows up.

When Ginny meets four hopeful strangers at the first club meeting, she thinks they’re off to a great start.

Now it’s only a matter of time before the sixty-something widow Hilda turns her crafting into a full-time career; the twenty-something Jerry becomes a professional musician; and the thirty-something housewife Lydia publishes her cookbook. That is, until the rugged divorce, Lee, sets a goal to solve his ghost problem-and upends all their lives!

Suddenly the support group isn’t just trying to navigate the ups and downs of pursuing their dreams; they’re also wrestling with a strange cast of spirits who keep interrupting their endeavors. What do these apparitions want? And why have they latched on to the Ideal Lifers?

This book showed promise. I thought it was a little clunky but with real promise. This is DeLee’s second book featuring Ginny Lawther and it also happens to be her second book. In this book several people come together to make one thing happen and therefore change their lives. I didn’t quite understand why each person came into the group, some of them didn’t seem the type to take a leap of faith or to try something new. Some of them were desperate enough others were rather unsure of themselves and I felt they needed far more encouragement…but that would have been another book.

What fascinated me about this book is the Life Club. I thought it the ideal place for people to make their dreams come true or to be helped onto the next step of their lives, or even to just help through the procrastination. I’ve seen this same process be called Accountability Buddies whereby they get together on a regular basis and use the other person to make them accountable for getting things done. It’s so easy to give yourself a goal and then just let it slip through your fingers. It would be fascinating to see how this would work in real life and if it helps every person in the group to the same extent.

I did enjoy the book. I found it readable and, on the whole, it held together well. I read it several months ago and remember it quite well which is always a sign of a good book. I was left wanting more of the Life Club.

In case you want to buy it here is the link for Booktopia.

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