St. Patrick’s Gargoyle – Katherine Kurtz

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This is the book I bought at the Last Bookstore in LA. I’d really tried not to buy books until then as they get really heavy to carry and I had no wish to carry several kilograms of books around the US. I didn’t mind buying one or two at our last stop though. The other book I wanted to buy I estimated its weight at about three kilos and felt that would make my bag way too heavy so I contented myself with only this one.

Kurtz has written a number of books about the Deryni. I’ve been reading, and vaguely collecting, these books since the 1970s. They have captivated my imagination and given me a thirst for more. Good thing she’s still writing them, or she was a few years ago. Using the magic of Facebook I’m now stalking her via her official page i.e. I clicked Like.

I’ve only read some of the Deryni series and one day will fall into her world and catch up. The other series I like is the Templar series. I’ve only read two of these books, funny enough, there are only two. Although I note there are some in the Adept series which might be a crossover. I will find some eventually and read them avidly.

St Patrick’s Gargoyle is set in Dublin. The beautiful city of Dublin. I know it’s beautiful as a friend just happened to be there days after I read this book and he shared photos. He even attempted to get photos of the gargoyles but I think they were rather shy and tended to be hiding during the photos.

I’m sure you don’t need to know anything more than it’s set in Dublin and it has gargoyles. Um, but you might want to know that the hero is old and past retirement age. So, that’s one for the old people. There’s also some religion and some churches. Most of all there’s gargoyles and I can’t say more because of spoilers. But this book does give us reasons for gargoyles and that has to be a good thing.

I’m ignoring all the good writing and the good plot points. I mean, why would you want good writing when you’ve got Dublin and gargoyles? Maybe some of you might want good writing and a well planned book. In that case this is the book for you.

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