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June 28, 2010

Yesterday I listened to the reading of a lovely little children’s book called Rindercella. It was read by Mary Bryant from MLOC Productions Inc. She’s a talented reader and the book was quite lovely, it took a lot of concentration as it’s a re-writing of the popular story, Cinderella, but I had fun. This reading was part of a lovely afternoon of fun and music put on by MLOC, they’re putting on Annie in November so you can book your tickets and get their talent firsthand.

Back to Rindercella. I’m sure you all know the story. She’s pushed into service by her sugly isters and denied attendance to the bancy fall. Her gairy fodmother appears and sends her to the fall. She slopped her dripper and was eventually found by the prandsom hince and they lived heverly ever hapwards.

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