Ninth Anniversary! Competition!

Suzie Eisfelder

When I first start blogging it was with the idea of supporting my online bookselling with some search engine optimisation. It never occurred to me that it would lead to a brand new life. This coming Sunday, the 22nd April, is the ninth anniversary of the beginning of a whole new life. A life where I might be the one with the book that some other blogger is reviewing.

When I look back on that first article I cringe. Not for the content as I’m thanking the MSFC (Melbourne Science Fiction Club for all their hard work, but for the writing. My writing has come a long way in nine years and this blog just illustrates that progress. It has been suggested to me that I wander through my blog and copy edit my own work. I’ve decided not to do that as this is a good way of seeing my progress, seeing how I’ve come from mediocre to competent. I’m going to leave all the typos, all the poor word choices and all the dreadful grammar gaffes.

I’ve made a lot of friends, some in the blogging world, some in the writing world. There’s even some crossover between the two. I’ve watched some of my early blogging friends see their careers change and take off as blogging lead to a whole new life for them. And sometimes I see them in odd places, they remember me and we talk.

Anyway, the reason you’re not getting something about a particular book is because today is the day I remind everyone of my blogging anniversary and launch the annual competition. I’m doing things differently this time. Normally I run a normal competition with a prize of a year’s digital subscription to Andromeda Spaceways. This year I’m choosing a comment from my blog. It may be my favourite comment, it may be the best worded, it may be for any other reason. I will be going back through the 872 comments, ignoring my own and ignoring the pingbacks to just look at everyone else’s. That still gives me 300-400 comments to look through. I won’t be choosing until Monday or Tuesday so you have time to add in more comments.

And you’re wanting to know what you’ll win. I’m going to fit the prize to the winner. If I think you’ll enjoy a digital subscription to Andromeda Spaceways then that’s what you’ll get. It could be a couple of back issues of Verandah Journal. If I feel you’ll enjoy some other kind of subscription then that’s what you’ll get.

Competition closes midnight 22nd April 2018 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

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