Night World Volume One – L.J. Smith

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YA Romance is not something I’d normally read. I made the mistake of joining the Dymocks Reading Challenge 2020. You can join in the discussion on Facebook or show off your reading using the #DymocksReadingChallenge hashtag to go into the draw to win prizes. They have printed a postcard with all the categories on it so you can just tick them off. I’ve just joined in on Facebook. I know it’s sacrilege but I really don’t need more books. I’m gradually whittling down my To Be Read pile, in part due to this challenge.

I picked up Night World Volume One because I felt it would be good to knock off ‘Book One in a Fantasy Series’. I don’t mind a bit of YA so I settled in for a good read. I was horrified to find out that romance is the key element of this book. I now have a good space on my shelf as this is the first in three volumes on my shelf…I won’t bother reading the other two.

As YA goes, it’s not too bad. I’ve read some shockers and I’ve read some which are absolutely brilliant. This falls somewhere closer to the brilliant. There is some reasonable world building in this book and I’m assuming it continues to the next two. The characters seem reasonable, although when some of them fall in love they change so completely I couldn’t help wondering what was happening.

This is set in the real world but in a real world that has vampires, werewolves and witches. The vampires and witches settled their differences enough many generations ago to create a ‘night world’, a world where the vampires, werewolves and witches can operate reasonably safely. They interact with humans but it’s forbidden to tell them about the Night World and they must not fall in love with humans.

And if I go any further it’ll be spoilers but it will illustrate why I didn’t enjoy the book and won’t be reading books two and three. Suffice to say that I really can’t stand romance. I only completed the book because I wanted to put a tick on my Dymocks Challenge list. I’ll have to find another fantasy series to read book 1 of as Night World Volume One goes towards ‘A book outside your usual genre’.

There are actually three stories in the book. Once I’d finished the first I did wonder if I could stop there and just claim I’d read book one. If you look at Booktopia you’ll find some for sale, in case you’re interested.

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