Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
March 10, 2017

I’ve been doing a lot of musings on my blog on Fridays lately and not a lot of useful stuff, for that, I apologise. It is really only because I get to Friday and my brain has shut down. I’ve been between study trimesters and logically I should have plenty of time to do things and find something useful to write about but that turned out to not be the case.

The reality is that I’d stuffed my back and had to spend a lot of time walking and resting it. No, resting my back does not include sitting on the computer for hours looking for useful stuff to write about, it includes sitting in front of the TV and veging out for a bit. Although not for too long as I’m not allowed to sit for too long. Did I mention walking? My physio told me I shouldn’t sit for long periods and that I should get up and walk around in between sitting. My memory is rather confused but I think he said something about sitting for no more than 15 minutes. Yes, that’s not been happening but I have been trying.

And just as my back was coming to some sort of normality I found myself agreeing to be in a play this Sunday. I mentioned I have no memory and I probably wouldn’t remember my lines, I was given a part with three lines. Then I was given another part with a song, only one verse and I get to do that with people so if I forget the words at least I can do the actions. What if I forget the actions? Don’t even go there.

Not only but also. I ended up with props. I’ve not been the only person doing props but I’ve been that voice of reason that says ‘no, we’re overloaded and can’t do more’, ‘no, it’s now too late’. Next time I know who to call on to make a team for props, we’ve got people with talent and skills that I don’t have.

And then last week uni started again. It’s been a source of joy most of the week. It’s no secret that I have little love for poetry, I just don’t understand it and don’t care to try. But that’s where I have no option but to try as one of my units is called Love, Death and Poetry and as it’s a core unit I’ll just have to do it. I need to pass so I never have to do it again. I’m extremely thankful for friends who like poetry and are taking this class with me, they already know I will be asking for help. Whether they’ll have respect for my gray hairs is largely irrelevant as the idea is to get over the line and get a pass. I am exactly one third of the way through my degree, having passed everything I’ve tried since this time last year and I don’t want to change that.

And one last thing. Can’t remember if I wrote this here or not. I submitted my first creative piece since high school. Yes, submitted for publication. They published it and the magazine is coming out next week. I am currently nervesRUs as I wait for this actually to happen. I still don’t think the writing is anything special but I’m submitting stuff because I’m just ignoring my own opinion on my work. There’s a lesson there. Keep an eye out on social media as I’ll post links there to my interview and potentially the story. If I can be indulgent once more I might even scribble a few more words about the writing process and put in links. Maybe someone can learn from this.

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