Murder in my Name – Jennifer Jones

Suzie Eisfelder

This book is the final book in the series by Jones. I’ve been reading them as they come out, it makes a change from reading a series in whatever order I happen to find them. I hadn’t realised they were only a trilogy until I read the back of the book just now. I’m sad to find there are only three books, more would be preferable to me.

The trilogy is a series of detective novels set in the UK, but what sets them apart from anything else I’ve read is how they treat domestic violence. Yes, this is a trigger warning for these books for those who need it. Jones has written this part well. And I feel her writing has improved since her first book. I’d like to say her writing is grittier which suits the subject matter, but I’m not sure if that’s correct.

The topic on hand with this book is the murder of a young police constable. It’s shocking, it’s quick and at least he didn’t suffer. Although the rest of the team struggle with this and we see some of what they go through.

If I’d been reading this book with easy access to a computer I would have been tracking the towns mentioned. We see several places mentioned and I’m sure they are real as Jones is thorough and does her homework. I know she spent some time living or working in the UK so would know some of it fairly well. Sadly, I read this in bed with my phone turned off so I wasn’t able to track them and try to make a pattern out of the towns. Doing this sort of thing with modern technology is so easy.

If you can handle the subject matter then I really do recommend this book and the previous two. You can find it on Amazon, well worth looking for it.

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