Suzie Eisfelder
July 16, 2013

I realise I’m not that bright, not when you look at Gurder or Dorcas but I know what I know and I’m learning about people. Putting Granny Morkie in charge of getting people into the truck for the Long Drive was sheer brilliance, getting Vinto to read was a mistake he’s always bringing me ideas that won’t work, like that gnu idea, I can’t understand how pointing an animal at humans will work. I just don’t understand Grimma, though.

She’s very good at so many things, getting people organised and getting them moving. She’s the one who got the nomes onto the truck Outside, Grimma is the one who first ran to the Moving Stairs when Gurder was too scared to move. Before we found the Store she was always the one staying behind washing, tidying up and jollying nomes along to get through the day while I went and hunted. I’m not saying hunting was easy, certainly not by myself, but it was easier to get out and away from the older nomes who just complained a lot.

After Torrit died (still don’t understand how nomes can die from living too long, mostly they used to die from being eaten by a fox or something) I started thinking again and told her we should get married and she said she wasn’t sure. But that’s the way it’s always been, you get married because someone tells you to. We argued just before I left for the airport, Grimma talked about frogs and flowers.

Getting to the airport was an adventure, finding all those Outside nomes and talking to Grandson Richard, 39 was…um…interesting. I insisted we find South America before going back to the quarry and brought Grimma a frog in a flower. I think she liked it but I’m not sure.


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