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Suzie Eisfelder
February 3, 2016
Making Money - Terry Pratchett
Making Money – Terry Pratchett

I’ve really put off reading this book as long as I possibly could, not because Pratchett died last year and there won’t be any more books and I want to put off reading the ones I haven’t read as it makes his death seem less real but because it has my favourite character. Don’t ask me why I like a conman, there’s little sense in these emotions. In Going Postal Moist von Lipwig is given the choice of either walking into the scorpion pit or getting the Ankh Morpork Postal Service up and running again, his theory is never choose death when there’s another alternative and does a very good job of bringing the Postal Service back from the brink of death.

Making Money is the sequel and he’s not given the choice of turning down the job of revitalising the Ankh Morpork’s Royal Mint and the bank next door and being the Chairman’s personal assistant. The Chairman is a dog and if something happens to him then his personal assistant is dead meat…literally. This book is all about how von Lipwig takes the situation by the horns and turns everything around in his usual showy fashion. We even see how he invents paper money, it’s a logical progression for someone who’s already invented stamps and as it turns out there gold in the vault is a myth.

I’d better stop there before I do all the spoilers.

Is it worth it? Of course it is, what a strange question. It’s Pratchett at his finest, bringing so many aspects of modern society together in one book and illustrating for us what conmen might do when they’re settled and bored.

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