Suzie Eisfelder
August 15, 2016
Knights of Madness by Peter Haining
Knights of Madness by Peter Haining

Peter Haining is my all-time favourite editor, he’s put together so many of my favourite anthologies that I wouldn’t know where to begin to choose just one. Instead I’ll talk about the latest one I’ve read. Haining has been putting together anthologies for longer than I can remember, sadly he won’t be doing any more as he died in 2007, I mourn him still.

If you look at the front cover you’ll see art work by the incomparable Josh Kirby. Until he died in 2001 he created many covers for Terry Pratchett, you’ll know which they are as they share similarities with this one.

When you open the front cover and see names such as Terry Pratchett, Jerome K. Jerome, G. K. Chesterton, Ray Bradbury, Spike Milligan and Mark Twain you know you’re in for a very special treat. Then he adds in some Orson Welles, Peter Sellers and Gene Wolfe as well as a detective story by A. A. Milne, the wonderfulness of the writers abound and then you get the stories.

But, enough. Get the book and read it yourself. You’ll find something to make you laugh, something to make you think and then something to make you go ‘what!’ sometimes in the same story.

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