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Suzie Eisfelder
January 12, 2015

And now to explain why I had little internet access for a few days. One of the reasons I love writing a blog is that it’s quite possible to write in advance and schedule articles or even write while on holidays so no-one needs to know you’re away. The problem there is that I had no time to write anything in advance last year and where we were in Inverloch there was precious little connection. Messages tended to come through in a rush when we went the kilometre into the town centre. Being Christmas so much was closed and we couldn’t use the free wi-fi available at the library or at the cafe until they opened, yes, there was a half hour of free wi-fi made available by a big company but that meant sitting outside somewhere and it just didn’t seem important by that stage.


It’s a beautiful place, we were staying in a very comfortable unit only a few hundred metres from the beach which looked into Venus Bay.

Venus Bay
Looking at Venus Bay from Anderson’s Bay

There was so much to do in Inverloch if you like fishing, surfing, fishing, windsurfing, fishing and swimming. In the unit there was even a lot of information about fishing, where to find different types of fish and what bait they liked. If you like other stuff you mostly have to leave Inverloch, having said that it is a really nice place and an excellent springboard for many other places around it. I’d recommend getting a room in Inverloch and doing day trips from there.

Other than fishing in Inverloch

There’s a few walks. The Screw Creek Nature Walk began a short walk from our unit and was very nice. The Thompson Estate Nature Reserve was closer still and again very nice. Both are challenging to get lost in and even I made it out intact from Thompson Estate with rare looks at the GPS (yes, I had connection there but not at my unit). You can also find the Bunurong Environment Centre for souvenirs and information on the environment, it also houses the Inverloch Shell Museum.

Outside of Inverloch

Wonthaggi has a Coal Mine (tours are possible) and a Desalination Plant (tourists are strongly discouraged). We got to the Desal Plant on New Year’s Day and were able to walk around the Ecological Reserve they’ve built, it shows lots of promise. The Desal Plant is very controversial and the more I think about it the more uncertain I am.

Tarra-Bulga National Park is a couple of hours east of Inverloch and has some very beautiful walks.

Phillip Island is only a 50 minute drive.

There’s a Dinosaur Dig a few minute drive out of Inverloch and you can look at the cave but are asked not to remove anything as they want to excavate properly.

Wilson’s Promontory is a fabulously beautiful area found only an hour and a half from Inverloch. You can only camp there and they hold a lottery for camping sites at key times during the year.

We didn’t attend any of the craft markets but they’re found in Inverloch and surrounding towns throughout the year, as are Farmer’s Markets. There are also wineries we didn’t visit.

Because we’re so unexcited by fishing and spent a lot of time in the unit watching videos and reading books (and continuing the writing I mentioned last year) I can only mention the tourism stuff. The Shell Museum is worth a look and extremely cheap, I paid $2 entry. I did buy a book at the Bunurong Environment Centre while I’ll talk about in due course and I’ll show you some more photos for Friday Photos.


    1. It’s a lovely place despite the fishing…I have nothing against fishing so long as someone else baits the hook and kills the fish for me.

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