Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
August 12, 2016

As you know I had good intentions of being really organised and using technology to its fullest extent to help me study for uni. And I’m sure you’ve read my rant about technology letting me down because the files were actually images despite telling me they were pdf. It meant that instead of starting the trimester slightly ahead I’ve started behind while I attempted to get technology to work. I’ve then continued to stay behind, next week is where I make every effort to get some way to caught up. What will help is that I’ve got two assignments due in by the 21st August, another on the 23rd August and a week off uni next week. Having assignments due really focusses my mind and makes sure I get the readings done. What won’t help is that between the three it’s almost 5,000 words and I’m starting a writer’s group with some of my class mates. I’ve booked a room and we’re going to sit and write. What will help is that I worked hard on them yesterday and I am getting some sort of structure happening.

Not to mention that I’ve been asked to speak on a panel at the Book Expo in October. There’s a chance you might have noticed me talking about this last year. Only a chance, mind you. I’m sure I only wrote several articles about it. It’ll be awesome, again! This year they’ve got a really organised blogging conference on one day. I’ve spent a little time looking at some of my fellow bloggers and I’m in awe, they’re doing really amazing things and I can’t wait to meet them!

With all this in mind I sat down at my computer and couldn’t decide what to write about for you. I have a list of ideas but I’ve put none of the research in progress to actually write on any of them. I also found 39 drafts of potential articles waiting for me in the back blocks of my website, I looked at and deleted six of them as they totally out of date or irrelevant. While I did finish a book a couple of days ago I want to leave that for Monday. Next week I might write about the film script we had to read, especially if I have time to watch the movie to go with it.

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