Suzie Eisfelder
July 20, 2016

This is another of those rants where I totally lose my cool, if you could read my mind you’d be thrown across the room in shock at the number of swear words.

I’ve been back at uni for a week and a couple of days. The first day I wasn’t enthused but got my mojo back for day two and was happily getting involved in the study, the classes and the very serious business of talking to classmates. And getting organised so I can study effectively, what a strange concept that is.

Until…I suddenly discovered I couldn’t save my work. You might remember from this little screed I wrote how I was planning on acquiring as many articles as possible in pdf so I could highlight and notate with great ease. It’s currently being my downfall leading to many words to shock everyone and much shouting. It seems that some of the files although they’re pdf are actually images and while I can write notes in them I can’t highlight. This is all on the computer, on the iPad it’s slightly different, sometimes it saves and sometimes it doesn’t but I still can’t highlight. Between the highlights and the notetaking feature I was going to be so organised I’d have no trouble finding stuff for my assignments.

Not only but also. I’m able to access some of the ebooks I need to look at from the Deakin library but I can only download them in .acsm format which is only readable using Adobe Digital Editions and you’ve guessed it, I can neither highlight nor notate in this programme. Nor can I even print the pages I need so I can do things old school.

Just when I think technology can’t get any better and make things any easier to study I hit a road block. It’s blocked my mind from being able to do anything useful and now I’ve spilled the beans I hope concentration will actually happen. Thank you for being there, whether you read this or not.

A few minutes later…

It worked nicely. Spilling all my swear words has fixed my .acsm problems and I’m now able to convert them into pdf but only thanks to the way the software works. And it doesn’t let me highlight or write notes in the body of the work.

  1. Microsoft tries to have us believe it’s there to make our computers run. Its number one use is to teach us to swear; office is particularly good at this. You might find a third party program that lets you do what you want to achieve.

    1. Absolutely, but this is Adobe rather than Microsoft. A different company with similar world domination aims to Microsoft. I’m trying to resist learning to swear but it’s getting more and more challenging.

      I’m going to look at FoxIt next but if you happen to have one you recommend I’ll be very happy to look at that as well.

      1. Yes, I thought it was Adobe but couldn’t resist. I’d like to know if you find anything better. Don.

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