Suzie Eisfelder
August 5, 2016

There’s so much on the web about getting your book out there and getting reviews which should, logically, get more readers. And that somehow brings me to Facebook. Actually, not just Facebook, but also Twitter, Litsy, Instagram and a whole raft of other social media options.

There are more social media options than I have books in my To Be Read Pile. You could spend years going through and assessing them all to find out which are the ones you need for your niche or you could cut to the chase and just follow the trend.

As an author, the ones you absolutely need are GoodReads and Litsy. Why those? Because GoodReads has all the books and at the very least you need an author profile and some reviews you’ve written of some other books to show you do more than just write. With 50 million members and 1.5 billion books they are a must for you. So, how do you stand out with those numbers? Don’t limit yourself to GoodReads, make sure you’re on other social media outlets as well.

But you have to be where your readers are. Look at other authors of your genre and find out where they sit with their social media. How? Go to your local bookshop, browse and find authors then google them and find out where they are. This is a good start.

There seems to be a burgeoning bookworld on Instagram. I suspect that’s because of the camera/mobile phone/cosplay thing that’s becoming big. Instagram is more about photos but you’re able to put in quite a chunk of text and hashtags so people can browse the hashtag they’re interested in and find you. I’m doing a bit of experimenting with Instagram at the moment.

Litsy is the newcomer to the reading world. It’s a combination of GoodReads and Instagram. It’s meant to be mainly about books so I signed up as soon as I heard about it but it turns out that’s way too early. It’s only available for Apple products at present, I have it on my iPad but I’m anxiously awaiting it for the Android.

At one stage Twitter looked like it was the goer, but I’m now not certain. I’m unwilling to leave it as I have so much affection for it. I do try to browse it every day and retweet articles that sound interesting. I’ve done the wrong thing and linked up Twitter with Facebook so everything I tweet or retweet also goes to Facebook.

You also need a home, somewhere you can put all those big things and direct people to. Somewhere you might be able to sell your own books or at least have links to bookshops whether online or bricks and mortar. The problem with Facebook is they can take down your page at any time and if you’ve got 300,000 followers then you’ve just lost them. Twitter is better, as are both GoodReads and Litsy but you still need somewhere you can put all those things that don’t fit on any of those accounts. That’s why you need a website. It can be really basic but it needs to be you and yours. You can do blogging type websites and they can be fairly cheap or you can spend heaps of money getting someone else to do it for you.

If you choose to do WordPress you’ll find some awesome plugins around. What you’ll also find is the massive number of social media possibilities around. I’ve just glanced at one plugin and found it supports over 50 social media sites! I once saw over 300 but that was a few years ago and sometimes these things can fail.

Which reminds me, I must update my plugin now I have more social media links to add in. Take a leaf out of my book and don’t choose too many, only choose the ones you can absolutely support. Also, choose a username/website that’s easy to remember, fits you and is easy to say. I’ve chosen SuzsSpace but it’s so easy to get wrong, just look at those letters!

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