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Suzie Eisfelder
July 13, 2012

I mentioned a while ago I would be starting to do reviews of toys for the kidlets, this is my first attempt and it includes a competition. Wherever possible I will include some element of education in my competitions and will endeavour to make it about reading or writing.

Geleez are aimed at primary school children, they are DIY stickers and come complete with the reusable stickers and some gel ‘pens’. My kidlets are adult so I had to steal someone else’s for the exercise. I popped a sheet of paper in a laminating pouch with one for each child, they brought their creativity and away we went.

Three children aged between five and seven sat down at a table and opened the packs. That was a bit of a struggle, scissors and parents came in handy, don’t expect to use the cardboard afterwards for something else. The packs are complete with reusable stickers, ‘pens’ and some other bits and pieces to help make things beautiful. Here’s a picture of the ‘pens’.

Geleez Pens in child's hands for scale

You can see one sticker being restuck in the following photo, it was stuck down several times before she was happy with placement with no lack of stickability.

This sticker was restuck several times before she was happy with it.

All three kids had a ball and created very different scenes. Now to the competition. The prize is two Geleez packs comprising the Geleez Designer Studio at about $30 (includes a work station to help keep things neat and tidy) and Butterfly World at about $20, with 3D butterflies to colour in -lots of fun. If your child doesn’t win the competition then they’d still make great presents, they kept these children relatively quiet and happy for about an hour and they’ll get more fun out of them the next day after the gel has dried as they can then put the stickers elsewhere, again, and again etc.

Geleez Prize Pack - lots of goodies

Show the scenes shown below to your child and ask them to write a story in words, they can choose either one scene or write a story about all three. Type this story into the comments section below along with their age, there are two sets to be won and I will choose one from upper primary and one from lower primary. Competition open to primary school aged Australian residents only. Closing date is the 24th July 2012. I will be choosing the winners based on creativity but not based on grammar or correct spelling. The winner will be announced on the 26th July 2012.

Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3

Maybe your child will be a published author one day with this as their first story. Who can read the future, all I ask is that you let their creativity run wild.

Thank you to Moose Enterprise for allowing me to use someone else’s kids and have fun.



  1. Hi Suzie,
    I am happy to send readers over to this post. I like the way you have made this an education-based competition too. I am hopeful there will be some who will pop over. Have you considered asking some bloggers with primary school aged-kids. I don’t know if you are a member of Digital Parents Australia, but that would be a possible good place to ‘shout’ out about the post.

    1. Thank you, Denyse. Seeing as this website is mostly book based I’m going to try and revolve around writing and reading on most of my competitions. I have one in mind that’ll make you squirm. I’ve already posted it on Digital Parents.

  2. As I entered the mystical but beautiful garden flowers were blooming and butterflies were everywhere. I went to touch a butterfly and rainbows flew out of her wings. Green, Blue, Yellow my eyes open wide searching for everything.
    After awhile I hear footsteps, loud ones, the kind of scary ones from those horror movies. Everything was quiet, but the footsteps were getting louder so quietly I try to sneak out from the place but I was trapped because the normal exit was blocked and flowers were blooming everywhere. Through the grass the person appeared I saw it’s clear – ish skin, dark eyes and long hair. It was obvious it was a ghost girl, she picked a flower for me it was like a ghost – human friendship. I stepped out of the garden and saw dogs and cats and more flowers it was beautiful, the ghost girl dissapeaered it was all my imagination. It was not real I was rolling around i9n my bed realising the garden and girl was just a dream. Dad was telling me to wake up for school, I was wishing it was real.

  3. Once upon a time there was a bunny called Meg. Meg was pink and white with a lovely bow.
    Meg loved to hop around the lovely green forests and play a game called Jump. Bunnies favourite game is jump because bunnies love jumping so Meg got her friends to play jump with. They jumped around fore hours and hours. Until her mum called Wendee came and said she had to go. When she got home Wenndee cooked dinner for dinner was carrots and lettos Meg’s favourite. Then a few minutes later it was time for bed.

    The End

    Im 10-11

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