Friday Photos – Off The Book Pages

Suzie Eisfelder

I found a new bookshop! It’s so new I can smell the paint drying on their website from here. I’m quite unashamedly pinching a lot of things from them for this article today. Here is some information from their Facebook page: ‘An Australian Bookish Shop that creates unique bookish products.’

You’ll notice a list of authors. If your favourite author isn’t here, you might want to talk to them to see if they’ll stock this person. Authors: If your name isn’t here they welcome you to contact them. Maybe next time I write their list of authors will be too big for one photo!

When I talk to bookshops and ask them to let me have some photos for my blog I also ask them to tell me one favourite thing about their shop. This is what Brittany told me ‘Being able to share my passion for indie books and support indie authors is probably the most exciting part 🥰‘.

If you’re an Instagram person then they have a page right there chockablock with lots of lovely photos of books, and some other things as well. I mean, who doesn’t need a tote bag for their books? Am I Right??

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